• Rabab Awada

Cookie dough mistakes!

Making cookies is a big deal! Some small mistakes might make it all go bad. The most important thing to do is follow the instructions really well and don’t change the ingredients.

More butter makes it more flat so if you want flat cookies then go ahead. More flour makes it stiff and it might not come out juicy enough. Most importantly DON’T OVER BAKE! Believe me when I say that because the cookie continues in baking even after you remove it out of the oven. So take out your cookies at the time given. If you need more thick and round cookies make them tall; that really works!

These are my Dos and Don’ts :

  • Butter (or margarine or shortening) is too soft: don’t let it sit on your kitchen counter too long!

  • Too much sugar: be aware of how you measure it, too much sugar flattens it!

  • Wrong oven temperature: always preheat your oven. Too much temperature makes the texture unreal.

  • Adding fewer chocolate chips to reduce calories: stick to the recipe! Believe me!

  • Over baking the cookies: even if you take them out and the feel a bit raw don’t worry they will form in texture after they cool!

  • Not Sticking to the details: measure each ingredient the right way, you can always google it according to the appliances you have!